Premium Embossed Vegan Leather

The bag for the audacious and unapologetic

We're calling in luxury baby.

Gold finishes and hardware for added luxury. Each bag includes a double zipper for easy access and a removable shoulder strap for carrying convenience.

Who we are:

Heaux Bag co. is a brand that centers the people who have continued to step into their identity in its most full and beautiful form.

The Heaux Bag co. is an unapologetically Black Women owned company that believes in the liberation of ALL marginalized people.

- Arvia, Owner and Creative Director

A Love note

Heaux Bag co. is for all the girls* like me who have felt stuck in a box. It is for the people who have been told that you are only worthy, valued, and protected if you adhere to a strict list of behaviors, beliefs and identities. This is to the ones who take up space and never let their foot off the hater's neck.