A Love Note

Heaux Bag co. is for all the girls* like me who have felt stuck in a box. It is for the people who have been told that you are only worthy, valued, and protected if you adhere to a strict list of behaviors, beliefs and identities. This is to the ones who take up space and never let their foot off the gas.

I created this brand and this bag for us. Being a Black Woman in this world I have known all too well the impact of harmful, sexist, and racist narratives - what we know as misogynoir. Heaux Bag co. is for everyone who is ready to step into their power, control the narrative and not give a f*** about what dominant culture has to say. The term Heaux (hoe) is not just about the choices we make about our sexuality but it’s about making sure we are able to show up in our fullness. 

We are redefining the term hoe. Heaux, noun: a person who is unapologetic & audacious in who they are at all costs. Verb, to use what you got to get what you want & need. The term heaux bag has been used throughout generations to describe the bag used when spending quality time with a romantic partner-usually a gym bag. With redefinition, we are creating a luxury bag & brand with a purpose. People who support aren’t only getting top quality products but they are making a political statement.

Heaux Bag co. is rooted in Black Feminist theory and creates the container for our communities to contend with harmful narratives that have surrounded those who have been traditionally marginalized - especially Black women. We are dedicated to teaching our communities that respectability politics aren’t welcome anymore. It is critical that we uproot those problematic values that say who is and isn’t worth protection and valued. Heaux Bag co. is a catalyst for those imperative conversations.



**Heaux Bag co. is an unapologetically Black women owned brand that believes in the liberation of ALL Black people

**Heaux Bag co. is pro hoe, pro Black, pro fat bodies, pro woman, pro baby mama, pro angry Black woman, pro trans, pro sex worker, pro non binary, pro disabled, pro liberation, pro freedom.

**Heaux Bag co. is centered on all marginalized folks and the terms women and girls is inclusive to all the ways people show up in their fullness. This includes femmes, GNC folks, trans folks, specifically trans women.